Sunday, August 31, 2008

There's more than just a chip on MY shoulder!

Last night, I was in the backyard and I noticed my dogs playing with something on the ground. I went to inspect it and bent down to get a closer look. I didn't see it, but I felt it jump on me. I quickly brushed myself off and did not feel it or see it on me anywhere. I decided it must have jumped back off. I stayed outside for a couple more minutes and then went inside. When I got to my bedroom door , I felt it jump off of my shoulder! (Apparently it decided to stick around for a free ride!) Anyway, I looked on the ground at the largest spider I have ever seen! (Next to a taranchula!)

I quickly ran outside and yelled at Michelle for assistance. When she saw it, she decided she wanted to take this opportunity to expand her photography portfolio to include nasty spiders! As I was fetching her camera, he ran under my dresser. Michelle wanted me to help her get it out. I refused. I ran across the street and knocked on the first door that still had lights on in the house. The neighbor that I had retrieved to be my spider hero just happened to be a 4th grade science teacher. The neighbor hero and the crazy photographer captured the spider in MY tupperware! (I am not happy about this situation.)

Michelle took the spider to a remote wooded location this morning and released it back safely into it's natural habitat and more importantly, far, far away from me! I sent an email to for assistance in identifying the monster! I will keep you updated on any information received. Until then, enjoy this photo!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shopping with the Mr.

Yesterday Jeremy emailed me to ask what my evening plans were. I told him that I was going shopping. He asked if he could go because he needed some pistachios. I quickly responded with "" Apparently he didn't get the picture because when I got home from work, he asked if I was ready to go. I decided immediately that I need to come up with some shopping rules for him. Here are the rules:

1.) No putting anything into the basket without my permission.
2.) No wondering off away from me with or without the basket.
3.) No complaining.
(Sounds like a child, huh!)

He broke all of the rules in our shopping trip last night. At one point, I found 6 boxes of Crystal Light in our basket. I made him put 3 back. I think that I was still being generous. When we go to the store, I have to tell him that he can only get 2 cheeses. He would spend $40 easy just on cheese. Last night he informed me that fish is the new cheese for him. He got 3 bags of fish! Yes, 3!

We seem to always go over budget shopping when he comes with me. Last night we were $40 over. If anyone has an idea of how I could get him un-interested in going shopping with me, I would greatly appreciate it!

Monday, August 4, 2008


People!: I am not kidding about the black shirt. Who wants it?

Dawn Castor: Of course you can add me! You are so silly!