Wednesday, July 30, 2008

10 Things About This Week:

1. Goal of the Week: To have all laundry baskets empty at least once.
2. Shocker of the Week: I deep cleaned my bedroom/bathroom.
3. Regret of the Week: Wearing green underwear with my white pants.
4. Eww of the Week: I used the brush that sits in the bathroom at work.
5. Quite Time Tidbit of the Week: Love is a choice. Not a feeling.
6. Craigslist Find of the Week: A free orchid.
7. Highlight of the Week: Finding my husband's old diary.
8. Give-Away of the Week: I have a black long sleeved size 12 wrap shirt. Anyone want it?
9. Ridiculousness of the Week: My husband has over 250 dvd's.
10. Missed Friend of the Week: Sarah Reed

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Plague Warning!

My aunt-in-law gave me some clippings from her honeysuckle. She brought them to me in a mason jar with water. I have been growing roots in my kitchen window for a while and just adding water when needed. Well, we went out of town this weekend and when we got back, I notice tons (by tons, I mean TONS) of things swimming in the water! We thought about waiting to see what they turn into (they look like itty-bitty tad poles!) Before we entered into the world of breeding unkown insects/amphibians/reptiles, I decided to put Yahoo! Answers to use. I posted my situation and received an answer fairly quickly. Turns out my swimming babies are mosquito larvae! We have since decided not to wait, we will be dispossing of them immediately!

Friday, July 18, 2008

What's that bug?

Today at work, I glanced over and saw a centipede making his way into the conference room. I got a co-worker to guard it while I went to get a man. I ran into the collection officer's office and informed him that we had a situation in the lobby. He immediately jumped up, with a panicked look on his face, and followed me to the bug. (I might have over reacted a tad!) After a quick inspection of the creature, he stepped on it and pulled a snotty Kleenex (I know it was snotty because I put it in there) out of the trash can and scooped it up and threw it away. Well, I became curious about this bug. I am not certain if it was a centipede or a millipede. So, I began to search the web and found a very interesting site that I want to pass along to you all. It is Basically, you can take a picture of a bug and they will tell you what it is and post it on their website. After searching this site, I am still unsure what he was but I am somewhat ashamed for killing him. I found out that these bugs eat other bugs that we don't want hanging around. I suppose I should have just released him into the wild...or at least onto Main Street.

This reminds me of a few other "bug situations" that I have had. One summer I worked at a girl's camp and accidentally kicked a scorpion into a swimming pool filled with screaming children. I also caught a pregnant spider in a film canister. We dumped her into a bathtub which caused it's millions of babies to spread out all over the place. It looked like someone dropped a container of pepper into the tub. That summer my cabin-mate and I also mistakenly cut off a lizards tail. We thought it was a snake! (I am aware that lizards and snakes are not bugs. I just thought I would throw that in!)

I will close with one other story. When Jeremy and I were dating, I called him up one night and informed him that I needed his immediate help in my apartment. Upon his arrival, I led him into the bathroom where I instructed him to kill the spider that had decided to occupy my shower. He said "ok, but I will never kill a bug for you again." To this day, he has kept his word.

P.S. During my research, I discovered that Oklahoma is a breeding ground for freakishly large centipedes. Woo-Hoo for Oklahoma!

Check out

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Now Accepting Applications

My best Tulsa friend is moving. I am not too happy about it. Her and her husband are moving to Yukon/Mustang area. He got a job! Congratulations, I guess. Anyway, I will need a new Tulsa best friend. I enjoy long walks in the mall and playing cards. If anyone is interested in this opening, please apply in person. Holly- you will be missed! Good luck!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Reunited After a Year!

About three months after my husband and I got married, he lost his ring! Oh yes, lost it! I was not a happy camper, needless to say! We searched the church, cars, and house up and down with no luck. Well, yesterday I got a call from my friend Melissa who goes to our old church in Edmond. I was in church so she left a message and said it was very important. I was thinking that someone died! When I got ahold of her, she told me that she was talking to someone at church and looked down and there was a sticky note with a ring on it. She immediately recognized it as Jeremy's wedding band. The sticky note read: "found: men's wedding band...week's ago". She is mailing it to us! We didn't think we would ever see it again! Have you ever lost something and been reunited after a very long time?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Game Show Mania!

I was on Wheel of Fortune! I won a new red car and over $10,000!!! Too bad it was all just a dream.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Feature

I have now added a subscribe via email feature that you will see to the right. This is for all who are just on the edge of their seat waiting for me to post another blog! Now, there is no more hourly checking my blog for a new article needed! It will come straight to your email! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Take one down, pass it around, 13 boxes of hair color on the wall.

I like change! I tell people that I can't afford to change my home decor, so I change my hair color! I am a member of a yahoo group called "Freecycle". Basically, I get emails all day long of things that people don't want anymore and you email the person if you want it and then go and pick it up. It is all free! Well, yesterday there was an email that posted about a lady who had some hair color that she didn't want. I was the first one to respond so I went and picked it up from her and now I have a hair color store located in my bathroom. I have 13 different hair colors including some highlighting kits. If you are interested in some change, let me know! I can hook you up! So, if you see me and think...'hmm...something looks different about her''s my hair color!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ebay Adventure!

So, I decided to try my luck with Ebay. I bought a few things at garage sales to sell them. I wasn't sure how to calculate the shipping so I decided it would be a good marketing strategy to have my posting be free shipping! After all, who doesn't like free shipping??? Anyway, some of my items sold and I was so excited! So far, I have made -$8.00 in my ebay business. Shipping is more than I imagined! No more free shipping from Sydn-a-palooza! Oh well! You live, you learn!

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

I just wanted to share this picture of my dog Whitley. I think it is too funny!

While I am at it, I will share what my dear husband does when he gets ahold of the camera.

There are many pictures like this one....he's just making a different face.