Wednesday, July 30, 2008

10 Things About This Week:

1. Goal of the Week: To have all laundry baskets empty at least once.
2. Shocker of the Week: I deep cleaned my bedroom/bathroom.
3. Regret of the Week: Wearing green underwear with my white pants.
4. Eww of the Week: I used the brush that sits in the bathroom at work.
5. Quite Time Tidbit of the Week: Love is a choice. Not a feeling.
6. Craigslist Find of the Week: A free orchid.
7. Highlight of the Week: Finding my husband's old diary.
8. Give-Away of the Week: I have a black long sleeved size 12 wrap shirt. Anyone want it?
9. Ridiculousness of the Week: My husband has over 250 dvd's.
10. Missed Friend of the Week: Sarah Reed


Janice said...

Good list. Maybe I'll make a list.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so something's wrong with your blog! I can't subscribe anymore! For the longest time it said something about live feed failing to load. :( I just happened to click on your blog from mine, and I saw your funny/sweet post today! I miss you, friend! We should talk soon.

Hilary said...

Fun list. I too might have to make one. I don't know though, it may require too much thought. Also, I may have you check out some double strollers from Craigslist that are near you.

Dawn said...

You are so funny. I'm reminding Les (you know, Mr. Castor) to read it cause he loves you and he will love your funniness! And I don't think using the brush at work is gross. Unless of course you work in a huge office and you don't know each other well or maybe there is a plague of head lice going around........

And can I add you to my friends list on aka It just dawned on me, cause then I'll remember to read you and maybe all my readers will read you and then you will be as famous as I (am not)!