Friday, June 20, 2008

Daily Math Problem

There are 3 military men that go to get a hotel room. The room costs $30.00 so they split it evenly each paying $10.00. After a while, the hotel owner decided that he felt bad for charging them that much, being military men, so he gave 5 one dollar bills to the doorman and asked him to take it to the men and split it evenly. The doorman looked at the 5 ones and decided to give each man back $1.00 and keep the other $2.00 for himself. So, now the men have paid $9.00 dollars each. $9.00 x 3 is $27.00. The doorman has $2.00. That is $29.00. Where is the other dollar?

Whoever figures this out can keep the other dollar.

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Hilary said...

There is no extra dollar, right? The motel owner ended up with $25.00 after he returned $5.00. Each of the three military men got one dollar back (total of $3.00) and the doorman kept $2.00. $25+$3+$2=$30 (which is what was originally given to the motel owner.) In your description each military man paid $9.00 each. However, only $8.33 from each went to the motel owner in the end (for a total of $25.00). The other $.66each went to the doorman (for a total of $2,if you round up.) This makes a total of $27.00, which is what was spent by the military men ($9.00 each). So, thanks for the other dollar. Oh, wait, there isn't one.