Monday, May 11, 2009

My good little grower!

We had our 25 week appointment on Thursday. I gained 13 pounds! Yes...I said it! 13 pounds! We then went into the room where she measured me. Last month, I measured a week ahead and this month, I measured 3 weeks ahead! Wow! They were kind of worried that I had gestational diabetes but the test came back negative! Woo-Hoo! When the nurse called me to tell me I didn't have it, I said, "well, what does that mean then that I am getting so big?" She said that the baby might have just had a growth spurt and will catch up.

I asked her if it made a difference that I was 10 lbs 3 oz when I was born and she said "Well, Yeah! I am going to write that in your chart, we don't want you delivering any 10 pound babies!" I guess my little (big) Margot is just taking after her momma!

Has anyone seen the movie 'Jack' with Robin Williams? It is about a boy that grows 4 times the rate of a normal human. When he is in the 5th grade, he looks like a 40 year old man! Hope this is not the case with Margot! I don't think she would be very happy in the 5th grade if she looked like a 40 year old man!


Janice said...

Margot probably will not look like a 40 year old man in grade didn't. In fact, by the time you were about 9 months you were just a normal size little baby girl.

Anonymous said...

I imagine she would not be very happy as a 40 year old man ... a 40 year old woman, on the other hand ...