Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Blame Cynthia!

I got my water bill the other day. Normally it is about $45.00. This month it is a whopping $82.19! I sat down with the bill last night and noticed the usage went from 5,000 to 20,400! That is a sizable jump! So, last night at church, I decided to ask a few home owners if they could think of any explanation for the increase! I asked Cynthia, who I sit next to in choir, and she said that I more than likely have a leak and to look in my water meter to see if there is water obviously flowing around in there.

So, after I got home from choir, (by this time is was dark) I trekked out to the water meter and pulled the lid off. I was on the phone with my dad to explain to him what I saw, seeing as he is much more knowledgeable than I am about the inter workings of the water meter. Anyway, I pulled the lid off and leaned over to look in and down goes my cell phone! Into the nasty water! It was dark and I was afraid to stick my hand in the possible snake and spider habitat to retrieve my phone so I just watched it. I just watched it die! After a few deep breaths, I stuck my hand in and grabbed my phone. It was too late! Now I am without a phone for a couple of days!

Moral of the story: Don't listen to Cynthia about water leaks or at least don't talk on your phone when you look into your water meter!

Also: If you try to call me today or tomorrow, I probably won't answer!