Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Shirtless Bearded Man

I have recently become addicted to Craigslist! I have given away several things using it that I would have had to pay someone to haul off. Yesterday I placed a wanted ad for a trunk bike rack. I do not have a bike yet but I figured that I should have a bike rack so when I find a bike I will have a way to get it home. I got a reply to my wanted ad shortly after I placed it. The guy wanted $10 for it. After work, I went to pick it up. After I found the place, out from the back yard (which was filled with things including about 7 sheds) came a shirtless bearded man wearing a pair of kahki's and a bucket hat (when I say beard, I really mean a beard...a white long scruffy beard!) The man's name was Jeff. He was the exact opposite of anyone named Jeff that I have ever known. Definately not your typical Jeff. Anyway, he brought out the bike rack and when I was about to leave, he asked where I was going to ride bikes to. I told him that I didn't actually have a bike yet. He said "well, I might have one for you" and went into his backyard junk jungle and returned with a seatless bike. It was a pretty nice looking bike just missing a seat and air in the tires. I decided that this would be a bike for Jeremy. I told him that I was actually looking for one of those old types (you know the kind with a basket) and he said "well, I have one of those too!" So he went back into the backyard junk jungle and came back with a blue "good vibrations" Huffy bike! Now this bike was also in not excellent shape but definately something that I could work with. So, we put the 2 bikes on my new bike rack and I paid him $50 for the entire package and went on my way. Today, I am going to be picking up some FREE monkey grass from a Craigslist lady. Have I said that I am a fan of Craigslist?


Hilary said...

You should be careful. Bearded shirtless men sometimes kidnap unsuspecting young bike-buyers.

Mandy said...

You have got to keep posting!! You totally crack me up!

Kara said...

I am a friend of Hilary's so that is how I found you, but I have to agree with your sister...I would have been scared! Good luck on fixing up the bikes!